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A little time now before we return to work, with various endeavours to pass the time, including a cheeky holiday for Mr. Chris, and some E.P polishing to do my end with Under The Steel Sky.

So, The Stendhal Syndrome shall reconvene at the beginning of April.  This session will hopefully see all of the demos recorded, so we can begin mapping out the orchestral arrangements. Among these demos will be a couple of non-E.P tracks, recorded for stand alone release throughout the year.



Good Evening


Its early days, I know, I get that, but calm down, I have some morsels for you to nibble on…fattys. The demo’s are written, a couple of rough recordings are floating around too, there is a long way to go but we are in a good place.

Also, the Facebook page is up! So do like us when you get the chance!





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